Versus fluticasone propionate

Clinical studies have shown that Alvesco® is non-inferior to fluticasone propionate, based on measures of lung function, symptom control and rescue medication use.1–4

Health-related quality of life net benefit is greater with Alvesco® than with fluticasone propionate.3

222 fig 1Versus fluticasone  FEV1 Dahl 2010

Figure 1: Low-dose Alvesco® once-daily is as effective as fluticasone propionate 100µg twice-daily in improving FEV1 over 24 weeks. Adapted from Dahl R, et al 2010.1 

222 fig 2Versus fluticasone  FEV1 maintenance Bateman 2008

Figure 2: Alvesco® maintains FEV1 in patients previously treated with fluticasone propionate  (500–1000 µg/day or equivalent) over 24 weeks4

Reproduced with permission from Elsevier.

222 fig 3Versus fluticasone  asthma symptoms and rescue medication Buhl 2006

Figure 3: Alvesco® and fluticasone propionate both reduce asthma symptom scores and use of rescue medication from baseline after 12 weeks of treatment. Data are presented as point estimates ±95% confidence intervals2

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