Systemic side effects

Alvesco® exhibits high total lung deposition and small airway distribution.1 These properties could increase the systemic availability of Alvesco® and increase unwanted side effects, but the specific pharmacological properties of Alvesco® prevent this.

Alvesco® targets the lung, thereby minimizing systemic corticosteroid exposure, even at the highest dose of 1,280 µg/day:2

  1. Protein-binding ensures that only a small proportion of Alvesco® reaches the systemic circulation, and that most of the drug is unavailable to exert systemic effects.3
  2. Alvesco® undergoes high first-pass metabolism.4
  3. Alvesco® is excreted via the gut.5

The effects of Alvesco® on cortisol suppression are comparable with that of placebo (Figure 1).2

232 fig 1Cortisol suppression Derom 2005
Figure 1: The effect of Alvesco® on serum cortisol levels is comparable to placebo. Adapted from Derom E, et al 2005.2

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