Inhaler technique

Correct inhaler technique, with or without a spacer, is important for your patients to benefit fully from Alvesco®, and ensure that an accurate dose is delivered to the lungs with each actuation. The following document provides instructions on how your patients should use the Alvesco® inhaler.
Alvesco Inhaler instruction

Figure 1:  Alvesco® inhaler technique1

You can download a PDF of the instructions and share it with your patients.  

The video below provides instructions on correct Alvesco® inhaler use, with or without a spacer. The spacer, AeroChamber Plus™, addresses specific patient needs, and can help patients who have difficulty coordinating device actuation with inhalation to receive an accurate dose of Alvesco®.

Alvesco® inhaler technique

Instructions on how to use AeroChamber Plus™ are also available to download.


  1. Alvesco® EU SmPC. Date of last revision: November 2012.

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